Do you know them? Introducing the world's most famous divers.

There are many great divers in the world and LEFEET would like to introduce you to a few great ones. We hope their deeds will inspire us!


1、William Trubridge

William Trubridge was born on 24 May 1980 in England; his family moved to New Zealand when he was 18 months old. He began learning to swim and dive at an early age, and by the age of eight, Trubridge was able to dive to 15 metres underwater. Since 2003, he has been undergoing rigorous extreme diving training in preparation for a world diving record.

To the average person, freediving is a scary sport, with darkness, solitude, fear, water pressure, pain, coldness and the risk of life at any time as the dive depth increases. But in Trubridge's own words, "diving gives me a different experience - dark, cold, endless pressure; it is my dream to challenge the freediving record, a dream with no limits and no end in sight".

Trubridge is the holder of two world freediving records, the "Constant Weight Handline Vertical Dive" (Free Immersion) and the "Constant Weight Dive without Fins" (Constant Weight Without Fins.)


2、Natalia Vadimovna Molchanova

Natalia Vadimovna Molchanova, 8.5.1962 ~ 2.8.2015, is a former Russian champion freediver, world record holder, former President of the Russian Freediving Federation and an eternal legend in the world of freediving who has been described as "probably the world's greatest freediver".

A former swimmer, Natalia began freediving 20 years after retiring from the sport when she was 40 years old. Her first freediving competition was the Russian World Championships in Moscow in 2003, where she broke the national record at the age of 41; the same year, she broke the world record in the dynamic flippers event with a time of 150m.

At the age of 47, she was still studying for her PhD in Educational Sciences and later became an associate professor at the Russian State University. She has published eight scientific articles related to freediving and two training manuals.

On 2 August 2015, she disappeared while teaching on the Spanish island of Ibiza, and the New York Times, ESPN, NBC, The Independent, The Mirror, The Daily Telegraph and other leading newspapers published the news of her disappearance with the heaviest condolences - "the disappearance of the world's greatest freediver". The search was abandoned on 5 August, and she was presumed dead.


3、Guillaume Nery

Guillaume grew up on the Mediterranean coast of Nice and spent every summer as a child with his father, soaring through the sea with his flippers. At the age of 14, he bet his friends on who could hold his breath longer. It was this little game that got Guillaume hooked on closed-air diving or freediving and eventually led him to his mentor Claude Chapuis (founder of AIDA).

In 2002 he became the youngest freediving world record holder, setting a CWT constant weight record of 87m at Villefranche-sur-Mer, which sent the world into a frenzy. He went on to break the world record three times and became world team champion in 2008, before becoming individual champion in 2011 with a depth record of 117m in Greece. In addition to his personal competitions, he also dedicates himself to teaching diving at the CIPA Academy in Nice and sailing all over the world to discover the wonders of the unknown.

For many, Guillaume is not only a freediving god but also a performance artist who combines artistry and poetry, transforming freediving from an extreme sport into a lifestyle, a top performance combining artistic expression and brainstorming.


We hope you'll enjoy diving with the LEFEET S1 PRO this summer!