Top-5 Diving Site in the World You Can’t Miss! 
    09.30.2020 | LEFEET | LEFEET is Professional


    1. Cape Kri - Raja Ampat, Indonesia 
    • Coral garden like you’ve never seen it before
    • Great marine life: Manta Rays, Sharks, Barracudas, and giant trevallies.
    • Record-setting 374 different species of fish.

    1. Barracuba Point - Sipadan Island 
    • World-class Malaysian dive site.
    • World-class Malaysian dive site.
    • Occasionally strong weeping currents.
    • The broadly diverse sea lives: sea turtles, buffalo fish, coconut crab... 

    1. Blue Corner - Palau, Micronesia
    • A wall diver is popular with experienced divers.
    • Strong currents for a challenging dive.
    • Excellent opportunity to see sharks. 
    • Fabulous diversity of marine life.

    1. Thistlegorm - Egyptian Red Sea
    • Cargo ship wreck filled with motorbikes, train carriages, and trucks.
    • Sunk in 1941 after being bombed by 2 German bombers.
    • Laying at a max depth of 29 meters.
    • A popular site for a night dive.

    1. Shark & Yolanda Reef - Egyptian Red Sea
    • Shark reef rich in anemones.
    • The mixture of drop off and shipwreck.
    • Good currents for drift diving.
    • Three reefs in one dive.


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