Underwater Camera Selection Guide

It is a good season to go to the seaside again! No matter if it is snorkeling, diving or surfing, you can't call it a complete island trip without beautiful pictures under the ocean. 

How to choose an underwater camera? Check it out if you're going to an island! This time I'm going to recommend some good underwater cameras.

credit:Blue Water Photo


No one can argue with this recommendation, because when it comes to sports cameras, GoPro will be the most famous one. The abundant accessories give this small machine more perspectives and various ways of playing. The ultra-wide Angle design allows it to play well even in the case of underwater refractive index and focal length loss. The 10 meters bare machine is waterproof, which can meet the shooting requirements of snorkeling and water sports. However, if you are a diver, you need a waterproof shell of 30 meters and a red filter, the red light will disappear at about 5 meters. Therefore, a red filter is essential to restore the true color of the seabed. For snorkeling, the red filter is not required.

Advantages: Small-sized, various accessories, 10 meters bare machine waterproof, more suitable for video recording.

Recommended accessories: red filter, buoyancy bar.


Olympus TG-5

Many divers like this underwater camera because of its high-cost performance. The bare machine provides 15 meters waterproof, and you can extend it to 30 meters using their waterproof shell. 2.0 wide aperture and compatible with 4K video, a variety of shooting modes, it’s not only with wide Angle mode, but it also has macro shooting underwater mode, underwater shooting mode can be functional without the need for a single filter. In addition to the functions of the camera, it also adds GPS, temperature sensor, pressure gauge, and compass for outdoor enthusiasts. It is waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, pressure-resistant, and low-temperature resistant. It can be said that it is the real outdoor three proofings camera.

Advantages: bare-metal waterproof 15 meters, wide Angle/ Macro.

Recommended accessories: Olympus original waterproof case, buoyancy arm, waterproof photography lamp.

credit:Dogukan Temizel

Sony X3000R

Sony as a professional camera manufacturer, the machine photo and video quality is guaranteed, but then again, there are not many accessories for underwater photography., you must use proprietary interfaces to turn with gm since the shaft is a smooth adaptation on the market, or in regulating shooting Angle will be restricted. The machine is not waterproof, but it comes with a free 60 meters waterproof shell, which can be very effective in taking underwater photos. There is no screen on the body, but there is a watch-type monitor that comes with the machine, which supports 3 meters of underwater water resistance. Snorkeling shooting can be used, while deep diving shooting can only be taken blind.

Advantages: 60 meters waterproof, comes with a free waterproof shell. 

credit:Scuba Travel

Sony RX100 series

The shooting level of the black card series on the road is comparable to THAT of SLR. With the waterproof shell of the original factory, it can give full play to its advantages. However, the bare-metal card machine is a normal high-level card machine, which does not have many outdoor functions and is not waterproof like tG-5. The original waterproof shell is required, and the shooting mode underwater is as rich as on land, with macro distance and wide Angle. It works best with photographic lights. It is the primary equipment for underwater shooting enthusiasts.

Required accessories: 30 meters waterproof shell.


Nikon Coolpix w300s

The bare machine itself can be waterproof by 30 meters, but it does not support wifi sharing function. This is a little contrary to the demand for timely sharing, and it is troublesome to export SD cards every time. A variety of shooting modes, without the need for a filter in the seabed color correction. However, Nikon does not have the original waterproof case and is limited in making extension accessories, such as professional photography lights.

Advantages: bare machine waterproof 30m.