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Featuring dual 200W motors, LEFEET C1 offers a powerful thrust underwater. Its compact and modular design bring excellent user experience, and the dual-motor is stable and easy to operate.

2-Speed Gear

LEFEET C1, with two speed gears that allow you to go from 1.3m/s to 1.6m/s in a maximum depth of 30 meters underwater.

3 Modules

Featuring 3 Modes, LEFEET C1 is a modular, transformable, multifunctional water scooter, which allows an entire family to enjoy aquatic activities without sacrificing its ability to explore the ocean.

Unique Design

LEFEET‘s duct design is now more practical which prevents water flow from splashing on your body.

GoPro Friendly

Thanks to the built-in camera mount, you can attach your GoPro to LEFEET C1 easily!

Wireless Control

We're proud to say: one-click simple pairing makes your control easier than ever!

LEFEET C1 - Most Versatile Modular Water Scooter