LEFEET S1: The Most Powerful & Compact Sea Scooter

    The LEFEET S1 can make your dive more easier – or more exciting – by propelling you through the water on demand. We're able to offer a range of stunning modular upgrades and accessories to provide and make sure you are well suited to cover more of the ocean with less effort and enjoy more exploring.

    lefeet is The Most Powerful Sea Scooter

    Product Description

    LEFEET S1---The most compact water scooter with full modular upgrades.

    ✅ Modular Design

    ✅ Three Speed Modes

    ✅ Battery Capacity 4400mAh

    ✅ Max Depth 40 m

    ✅ Unit Weight 2.3 Kg

    ✅ Max Run Time 60 mins

    ✅ Battery Safe On Flight

    Compact Powerful Modular

    We achieved to design truly the Most Compact Size DPV(diver propulsion vehicle) Water Scooter in the market today which can be easily disassembled to fit in any small size backpack. To ensure maximum protection we used Anodized Corrosion Resistant Aluminum for the main body along with specially made PC for added rigidity to the engine intake cover where it needs flexibility.

    Do More With Less

    The LEFEET S1 is the most compact, light yet still powerful modular water motor and sea scooter. Lefeet is not only a sea scooter for divers, but it can also transform into a motor engine thanks to its modular design. Detach the handles and attach the engine to a paddle board, kayak, or any other water crafts. Its modular design and accessories provide water enthusiasts a whole new level of possibilities for your next beach trip.

    lefeet is The Most Powerful Sea Scooter

    Replaceable Grips

    Change the handles on the S1 as you please.

    Want to hold on with both hands or skilled enough to steer with one hand and free the other hand?

    It’s all possible with LEFEET !  

    Dual Jet Rail Kit

    Want more power?

    Combine two S1 into one and double your power.

    Fly through the waters with the extra power and leave everyone else in your ripples. 

    lefeet is The Most Powerful Sea Scooter
    lefeet is The Most Powerful Sea Scooter


    Comply Airline Policies

    Patented Waterproof Structure

    Replace battery quickly 5 seconds

    Unlike other electric scooter or water engines that need to be charged when the battery run out, the Lefeet S1’s battery is external. Just take the dead battery out and replace it with a full one. 


    Floating Fins

    Are you new to swimming and need a bit more help?

    Attach Lefeet’s floating accessory for an extra boost. 

    lefeet is The Most Powerful Sea Scooter

    We are disruptors within the industry, having closely studied and influenced industry trends as a pioneer in the modern pursuit of style in aquatic sports.