Safe Use


The LEFEET S1 PRO has been designed with the utmost safety in mind for its users. However, as with any scooter product, the LEFEET S1 PRO has inherent hazards associated with its use (for example: losing control). Therefore, it is important to read and follow all instructions and warnings in the user manual and use good judgment when using the scooter.

By using the LEFEET S1 PRO, the user acknowledges and accepts responsibility of all risks associated with the use of the LEFEET S1 PRO, which may include, but are not limited to, muscle injuries, broken bones, lacerations, or other serious injuries. Use the LEFEET S1 PRO at your own risk. We are not responsible for mishaps due to lack of common sense.

To better ensure your safety, ALWAYS USE APPROPRIATE PROTECTIVE GEAR, read and follow all instructions and warnings in the user manual.

※ The user manual can be downloaded and viewed at the User Manual in the foot of the website.


  • This product is entertainment equipment, it can not be used as lifesaving equipment.
  • This product only can be used in water. Please don't operate LEFEET S1 PRO in the air, otherwise, it will be burned down due to overheat.
  • Any accessories of this product should not be close to the fire source and should not be under heavy pressure.
  • The operating temperature of this product is 32°F ~ 104°F, and the storage temperature of any accessory of this product is 14° F ~ 122° F.
  • The surface of the product shall not contact with volatile, acidic, corrosive substances or sharp objects.
  • Do not place any part of the body or foreign matter near the propeller when the product is equipped with batteries.
  • After-sales service and repair can only be carried out by the authorization center. Unauthorized repair will invalidate the warranty, at the same time, there is a risk of personal safety and damage to the product function.
  • Minors under 14 years of age shall not use this product. Minors who have reached the age of 14 should use this product under the escort of a guardian.
  • Do not use this product if you are not fit for swimming, snorkeling or diving.
  • Do not use this product under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Before using this product, make sure that the water is suitable for swimming, diving, etc., and that this product is allowed.
  • Before using this product, check that the surface of the product is not damaged, the battery is not damaged, and the propeller is working properly to ensure that the product has enough power to return to the shore safely.
  • Before using this product for diving, please confirm that you are qualified for diving, you must be equipped with life-saving equipment, take protective measures, and do it under the condition of being accompanied.
  • Users who do not know how to swim should use this product in shallow water areas and confirm that other life-saving equipment is available or that a swim/life-saving instructor is present.
  • When using this product, please wear life jacket or life-saving equipment, wear swimming cap, do not wear loose clothes, and keep a safe distance from the surrounding long hair or wearing loose clothes, avoid long hair or clothes involved in the propeller.
  • While using this product, please hold the handle tightly and do not point the front and the tail of the product to the face of you or others, especially the eyes.
  • When using this product, pay attention to the surrounding environment in order to avoid collision, do not let algae rope or other debris wrap around the propeller.
  • Do not try this product directly on the beach to avoid sand, shells or other debris being brought into the propeller.
  • This product is forbidden to dive to waters exceeding 40 meters in depth.
  • Use only the charging accessories provided by the manufacturer. Other chargers are not allowed.
  • The temperature range within which the battery can be charged is 50°F ~ 113°F.
  • The battery can not be disassembled and modified, and it can not be subjected to strong vibration and shock. After the battery is installed, please take it lightly.
  • The battery should not be damp, and the battery metal socket should not touch any liquid. When you install, remove and store battery, please keep this product and your hands completely dry in a dry environment.
  • If, during using or charging, the battery gives off an unusual odor, heat, change color, shape, or any other abnormality, please stop using or charging immediately. Please check the storage environment if the above abnormal conditions occur during battery storage.
  • Do not place the battery in microwave ovens, high-pressure containers, or on induction cookware.
  • Do not place the battery in direct sunlight or use or store the battery inside cars in hot weather.
  • In the event that the battery leaks and the fluid gets into one’s eye, do not rub the eye. Rinse well with water and immediately seek medical care.If left untreated, the battery fluid could cause damage to the eye.



In order to maintain good performance, please refer to the following steps for maintenance after each use:

  • Immerse the LEFEET S1 PRO in a container full of clean water (not seawater) for 30 minutes.
  • Hold the Handles with both hands and turn it on with slow speed for one minute and repeat it for 2~3 times while the product is completely immersed into water.
  • Open the cover of the Main Unit, wipe off the water droplets outside the battery compartment, open the Battery Cover when both hands are dry, taking out the battery.
  • Dry the Main Unit with a soft, clean, dry cloth.
  • Place the Main Unit and battery in a cool and ventilated place to dry completely.



  • Please do not store LEFEET S1 PRO in too high or too low temperature, too dry or too wet, direct sunlight and dust environment, which may cause damage over time.
  • Please fully charge LEFEET S1 PRO before storing to prevent over discharge when it doesn’t in use.
  • If not in use for long time, please recharge the battery every three months.
  • The storage temperature should not exceed the range of 14° F ~ 122° F.