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    Combo Sale---S1 & Floating Fins

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    ONLY $615, You Can Get S1 & Floating Fins

    LEFEET S1 is a hi-tech water scooter which provides power propulsion to underwater divers. LEFEET S1 is easier to carry and use due to its compact and lightweight design, with 3 speed-settings to meet your needs. The modular design provides for diversification of use and a safer overall experience for you.

    Ergonomics Design

    LEFEET S1 obeys ergonomics design and makes you comfortable when you are using.

    Compact Size

    Ultra light / Easy to assemble / Easy to carry-on

    Fits easily into luggage, take it with you to every dive resort around the world.

    Easy To Operate

    Long press to start, short press to switch speed settings, one trigger to operate.

    Intuitive design, start using LEFEET S1 right away.

    Wireless Control

    Underwater wireless control technology liberates the inherent form.

    You can also pair multiple units at the same time for more fun.

    Multiple Speed Settings

    Switch Between High, Medium, Low mode anywhere and anytime for increased underwater freedom.

    Comply Airline Policies

    Battery compliant with air carrying policy, making you travel all the world with no worry.

    Water-Resistant Up To 40 Meters

    Water-resistant up to 40 meters, explore deeper parts of the ocean with peace of mind.

    Modular Design

    Convenient to assemble and disassemble,achieving diversified playing way with various accessories.


    Floating Fins

    Floating Fins can reduce the weight of LEFEET S1, providing you with more unique and exciting experiences.