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LEFEET S1 Electric Underwater Scooter - LEFEET
LEFEET S1 Electric Underwater Scooter - LEFEET
Safety Certificate
1 Year Warranty Service
Air Transport
Compact Size
Ultra light / Easy to assemble / Easy to carry-on
Wireless Control
Liberate the inherent form and pair multiple units for more fun
Modular Design
Achieve diversified playing way with various accessories
Multiple Speed Settings
3 Speeds mode for increased underwater freedom
Comply Airline Policies
Battery comply with air policy, making you travel with no worry
Compact Size

LEFEET S1 is very small in size relative to other underwater propulsion systems, and weighs only 5.07lb (including battery).

Fits easily into luggage, take it with you to every dive resort around the world.

Easy To Operate

LEFEET S1 obeys ergonomics design and makes you comfortable when you are using.

Intuitive design, start using LEFEET S1 right away.

Comply Airline Policies

Battery compliant with air carrying policy, making you travel all the world with no worry.

LEFEET has a patented waterproof structure and you can quickly replace batteries in 5 seconds, giving you faster and better enjoyment.

2-in-1 Underwater Scooter

Double the power, Double the fun

With LEFEET‘s modular design, you can easily attach two scooters together to double the power and double the fun. Attaching two scooters together allows experienced divers to fly through the waters at 2.3m/s.


LEFEET Underwater Scooter Jet | Kayak , Diving , & SUP

The Lefeet Underwater Scooter Jet is a modular motor system for scuba diving, and paddlecrafts such as kayaks and SUPs.  At DEMA show we were able to get a great look at the product and review the features, price, and specs. 

LEFEET S1 REVIEW | Diving Scooter | SUP Adapter | Jetboard Rescue Device

We'll test the following options

✅ Single handle diving scooter adapter - how is the power?

✅ Two handle diving scooter adapter and double unit adapter

✅ Float fins - Shark adapter for kids

남다른 사이즈의 소형 수중스쿠터 LEFEET S1 을 리뷰합니다!!

작은사이즈로 레크레이션 스쿠버다이버들과 프리다이버들이 수중에서 즐길 수 있는 스쿠터가 출시되었네요~

Found Crashed Drone & Working Camera Buried Underwater Beneath Waterfall! (Testing LeFeet S1)

This scuba diving trip was incredible. While using my LeFeet S1 Underwater Scooter (sponsored video) & Scuba Diving gear, I found lots of amazing river treasure.