The UItimate Modular
Underwater Scooter


LEFEET S1 is a hi-tech water scooter which provides power propulsion to underwater divers.

LEFEET S1 is easier to carry and use due to its compact and lightweight design, with 3 speed-settings to meet your needs.

The modular design provides for diversification of use and a safer overall experience for you.

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2-in-1 Mode

Dual motors work at the same time so that you can conserve more strength and oxygen, and provide more power and a better experience for all divers.

One-Hand Mode

Thanks to the range of grips offered by the Single Grip Rail Kit, divers can flexibly operate the device with one hand and conveniently find balance in the ocean.

Scuba Booster Strap Kit

Fix LEFEET S1 on both sides of your legs, and transform into “Superman” any time you want.

Scuba Tank Mounts

The combination of a thruster and an oxygen tank provides extra power for scuba divers to roam the seas as they wish.

Floating Fins

Floating Fins can reduce the weight of LEFEET S1, providing you with more unique and exciting experiences.

Multi-Purpose Mount Kit

S1 can be attached at the bottom of paddle, making it become a powerful boat.




Underwater wireless control technology liberates the inherent form.

You can also pair multiple units at the same time for more fun.


LEFEET S1 wins Red Dot Design Award

LEFEET is the first underwater sea scooter with a modular design which is capable of accommodating various modes of usage in different types of underwater environments.

LEFEET S1 debuts at the US DEMA diving exhibition

In 2019, LEFEET made its debut at the DEMA diving exhibition in the United States and was deeply loved by diving professionals.

Paris International Dive Show 2020

At the beginning of 2020, LEFEET S1 participated in the Paris International Dive Show 2020, which once again became a star product of the show, attracting the attention of many diving enthusiasts. A crowd of fans rush to buy and got unanimous praise in the pool test.

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